Keynote Speakers

Anang Achmad Latif, 45 years, CEO of ICT- Universal Service Obligation Agency or known as BP3TI. Prior before joining BP3TI, he served more than 20 years in Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. His sensitivity and broad experiences on ICT and Digital Broadcasting Industry has made him a right person on his position now, as his aim is to make ICT obtainable to all Indonesian specifically 3T areas.

Anang Latif completed his Master Degree at Coventry University – United Kingdom, mastering Operational Communications. He also join various courses and trainings, and internationally acclaimed as Indonesian Delegation on IPTV meeting at International Telecommunication Union (2009-2011), Chairman of special tasks force on Digital TV Implementation between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (2009-2011), also a Member of ASEAN Digital Broadcasting (2009-present).

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